Los Originales MERCK

Design - Development

Agency: Monodual

We developed and design a microsite for the LOS ORGINALES MERCK campaign. It wanted to create a close link between the company and its people. It was about recording a video (directly on the website) where the user could tell the company why he was a Merck Original. The microsite also had valuable information that could be useful by the employees.

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  • Bogotá

    Carrera 9 # 67a - 19 Of. 304
    Bogotá - Colombia
    (571) 4 573 720

  • Panamá

    International sales contact
    Costa del Este - The Pearl PH
    Ciudad de Panamá
    (507) 65794764

  • Berlin

    International sales contact
    Katzbach Straße 24, 10965

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